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Department of Hotel Management

Department of hotel management


The university set up its preparatory office on August 31st, 1992 to actively begin work, and after successful progress, the hotel management division was founded on July 1st, 1995 with the approval of the Ministry of Education and officially opened its doors to classes on March 1st, 1996. The department (division) is the first of its kind in the country and is devoted to practicing an open department philosophy, as well as employing breakthroughs in new educational systems, such as the sandwich teaching method and labor education, so that since its inauguration, the school has been well-coordinated with and firmly approved by the industry, along with students’ recognition and parents’ support.
The department (division), after  five years of development, has made great steps forward in teachers, instruction, equipment, etc., but also set up the night department in February 2000, was approved to upgrade to a 2-year program in August 2000, and then set up a 4-year department of hotel management in 2002, all of which contribute to the mental and physical effects of the cultivation of middle- and high-level talents for the hotel industry. From 2007, the university began to admit 4-year foreign students (Vietnamese students) into the department of hotel management program. From 2008, it started to admit students to three classes of the industry-university cooperation plan. In August 2010, it was approved to upgrade to the University of Hospitality and Tourism.

《Development Priorities》  

  By matching up core development directions with the focus of both practical and applicable technical and vocational education in our country, the school plans to cultivate outstanding management skills, along with professional knowledge and practical hotel industry abilities, so that after graduation, students can conform to the demands of both industry and society to achieve our educational goal of cultivating professional talents in hotel management.