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  Under active promotion of the research and development center for hospitality technology at the university, the college has set up cross departmental research and work teams to integrate the professional fields of various departments, and now has a counseling and guidance center for hospitality business, an administrating work group to counsel business openings, work groups for counseling in hospitality industries, and a work group for hospitality operations and management. In the future, a hospitality teachers’ education center, a strategic alliance of hospitality groups in the vocational college, and an experimental hospitality high school attached to the university will be integrated to found a research and development center for hospitality education. Secondly, a research and development center for wine tasting & appreciation will be established with professional equipment, such as a professional wine cellar, a classroom for concocting beverages and a classroom for wine tasting & appreciation, as well as a training classroom for aromatic identification and sensory judgment. Furthermore, a center for hospitality marketing and exhibition will be set up by combining the marketing simulation center, the exhibition counseling and management center and the database of knowledge on the hospitality and exhibition industries in order to build a diversified and professional hospitality research center that performs social services and on these grounds, enhances the practical teaching method of advancing teaching through research.
  • 1. to conduct academic research on hospitality through a combination of theory and practice
  • 2. to promote industry-university cooperation to mutually exchange ideas between the university and the hospitality industry
  • 3. to hold creative competitions to drive research, development and innovation in the hospitality field

Blue print for the hospitality research center (purple parts in planning)

Mid-long term development targets and implementation measures

  • 1. To improve abilities in academic research:
  1. To promote or additionally employ 1 professor-level teacher
  2. To put forward and submit seven plans to the National Science Council
  3. To publish10 papers in journals
  4. To publish 30 seminar documents
  • 2. To enhance the industry-university cooperation in hospitality: to sign six plans for industry-university cooperation
  • 3. To increase energy in innovation and research, as well as development; to conduct three innovations and research, as well as development
  • 4. To promote international academic exchange; to sponsor one session of international exchange activities